Karma Police (November 2014)

Story: Two detectives discuss a serial murder case that slowly becomes more than it’s cracked up to be.

Background: This was my third attempt at the Five Day Film Festival. This year I was given the genre of “thriller” and had to have a spoon as a prop. The line “Bigger isn’t always better.” had to be in the film. Lastly, the theme of the film must have something to do with “to get something done, you’ve gotta break a few eggs.” This film was the culmination of all of those ingredients.

Pre-Production: The script and shotlist were put together in two days. Actors were casted and began rehearsing as soon as there was a script to practice from.

Production: The film was shot in a day and due to the strict nature of the time limit, everything was kept on a small scale in terms of locations.

Post-Production: Editing was fairly simple. Only cutting the shots together and adding appropriate sound effects and music were truly needed for this film.

Premiere: The film was premiered at the 2014 Five Day Film Festival at the Ambler Theater in November of that year.

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