Earth M.A.N. (Master of Air and Nature) (April 2012)

Story: The origins of Earth M.A.N. and his fight with Linsanity are revealed to a middle schooler after he decides to litter. Why? It’s he is the superhero who defends earth not exactly from crime but from destroying the planet through pollution. Who is Linsanity and what does he have to do with Earth M.A.N.? Find out!

Background: Earth M.A.N. was half a project for my science class in 8th grade and half for the same class’s Earth Week event. I decided to put the film making skills I had learned from the previous Summer to some use.

Creation: My teacher asked each of us to create something to be done, seen, etc during Earth Week. I decided to make a film about a superhero who defends the earth from pollution. After the idea was accepted, I immediately went into pre-production.

Pre-Production: The planning for Earth M.A.N. was difficult because ideas for it were scarce. Once we got a script going. We assigned actors, made props and costumes which in comparison to Matter Man were very simple. After planning locations we began filming.

Production: Filming was spread between three days where we shot at the school, a friend’s house, and a river. It was an easy shoot since we had a lot of time. We didn’t use storyboards since the the other classmates I was working with could care less about the film making process.

Post-Production: For editing I decided to try out Adobe Premiere Elements since I was told by my Summer film teacher that Final Cut is terrible and Adobe is the way to go. Editing was smooth and I was able to get everything I needed, done with basic effects, sound effects, and music.

Premiere: Earth M.A.N. was shown at the 2012 1st Annual Earth Week at Upper Merion Area Middle School. It was an okay film that made people laugh. Another weak film but things began to pick up the following Summer.

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