Broken Bond (August 2012)

Story: Broken Bond is the story of two men whose lives intertwined led them to jail time. How did they get here? A story of betrayal and revenge is told through these two inmates’ cell fight.

Background: It was my 2nd Summer at this film class and I wanted to really show that I could do great things this time around. I decided to improve every mistake I had made from the previous year. The result of my efforts were fantastic. My teacher was extremely impressed and even better is that the short film that came out of it was phenomenal.

Creation: I had been struggling with ideas like the previous year but this time I decided I would definitely do the drama genre. After a bad idea, I decided to think about stuff that inspired me and maybe I would get an idea. I had recently finished Metal Gear Solid 4 and I remember the final boss fight between the protagonist and antagonist. It was a hand to hand fight that when punches were hit, flash backs were seen and audio was heard. I decided to take that fight sequence idea and use it to tell a completely different story. I decided to have flash frames AND videos but no audio. I had many ideas for where the fight took place and the final twist, but thanks to my teacher I narrowed it down to what you see.

Pre-Production: The script only took 1 day to write thanks to its silent nature. When the script was being reviewed, the first draft was accepted minus two things that had to be slightly changed which was just simply naming the two lead characters and changing the title. I then prepared costumes, props, locations, schedules, and the best part, my storyboards. I don’t have a scan of it but my storyboards were leaps and bounds better than last year, so much so that even after complimenting my work on everything else, my teacher told me how fantastic my storyboards were and used them as an example.

Production: It was still a shoot that took the entire day but up until the last 15 minutes it was very smooth thanks to my planning. So much so that I started making new shots and adding other things just in case I might want to use them.


The set of Broken Bond

Post-Production: It was fairly easy to cut together the film and add sound effects and create a believable flash back system. It took a while but I eventually got the music from Mr. Gregory Safko and once all was put together, my film was done.


Joon Kim editing Broken Bond

Premiere: My film was shown at the 2012 Mainstage Film Premiere and was nominated for every award besides bet actor which was Best Directing, Editing, Cinematography, Writing, and Film. I didn’t win those but I got the staff award called the WOW award which is to show my huge improvements and that while not winning any of the other awards, I showed that I was great in each field of making a film. At one point it was in the finals for YobiFilm to win 6000 dollars, unfortunately after the 2nd round of finals I was disqualified for being under age. Broken Bond is a film that will always have a place in my heart because it really shows how much I can improve, what I can do, and it just is my first truly fantastic short film.


Joon Kim receiving the WOW award.

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